Active Session Tab

Active Session Tab

This tab is useful for track the active session or one of previous session, if it’s needed. You can choose “Selected Session” in dropdown menu on the top panel.

If something goes wrong you can press “Refresh” to fix it. In the dropdown menu “Game Type” you can choose all or some game types like Holdem No Limit, Holdem Pot Limit, Holdem Fixed Limit, Holdem No Limit Cap, Holdem No Limit Fast or All Holdem, or All Omaha. It’s useful if you play Omaha and Holdem in the same time and want to look graphics separately and understand where you lose or where you win money.

The current session diplays on the left side of the screen. Below it you can open and use Table Finder. There will be display tables which Table Finder found. On the right side of the screen you will see standard window with “Last Hands”. Here you can mark hands for subsequent analysis.

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