HM2 Filters

Holdem Manager Filters

Filters are an effective Holdem Manager 2 feature. You can set up it in “Reports” tab by pressing “More Filters” like on the picture:

Our Report looks like on the picture, before filtration

All sections have “Quick Filters” in bottom right side of the screen, where you can use quick filters. But, let’s examine all sections in the pop-up window by creating a custom filter.

“Basic Filters”. Here you can see several sections.

– In “Game Stakes and Number of Players” you can filter poker-rooms, how many players played on the table and limits, which we want to stay in our filter. For example, I chose only PokerStars, from 6 to 10 player.

– In “Common Filters” you can filter hands whether events were like VPIP, PFR, or the flop was opened and others.

– “Position and Action” Here you can filter in what positions was Hero, what and how many events were on the table, like “1 Limper”, “2 Raisers” and others. If raiser was, then in which positon it was. For our example, I add only BTN position for Hero.

– “Vs Player” Here you can set up hands against any opponent. You can also add filter “where you won/lost”, if you want to see how we lose or won.

The next section “Hole Card Filters”. Here you can customize those hands we want to stay to analyze. In out case I chose all cards. But you can set up various of filtration, for example you can leave only Pairs and all Suited Cards.

In “Board Texture Filters” you can filter hands where it was Flop, Turn or River with specific parameters, e.g. there were three suit cards on the board or the board was paired. In our case we used “Flop HighCard”. In dropdown menu let’s choose Ace card and press “+”, otherwise filter will not add. You could add a lot of filters. Below you can choose one of the conditions “OR” or “AND”. For our example it will be enough.

In “Hand Value Filters”, you could filter the hands like “Filter by Flop Hand Strenght”, “Filter by Turn Hand Strength” and “Filter by River Hand Strength”. There is a large variety of poker combinations from High Card. But in our example I didn’t use it.

“Advanced Action Filters”. In this section you could tune filter according to the actions were made on the Preflop, Flop, Turn or River. It’s a little bit difficult but very convenient. Also you can use radio buttons for convenient switching. You can invent filter where 2 Raise Preflop and 1 call were made and consider all hands with this particular situation.

In “Bet Size Filters” you can customize everything that is connected with Bet Size.

For our example, I consider the case when Preflop Raise has standard size. Standard size in Big Stack Strategy is 3bb and less. For this you can select “Preflop Made Bet” in top side. In bottom dropdown menu choose “Less Then” and value for BBs. After that, press “+”.

In last section “Other Advanced Filters” you could set up the filters which we couldn’t set up earlier. There are a huge amount of filters, for easy navigation on them checkboxes are provided in top side of the screen. For our example, we use filter “Preflop Allin Preflop” and set “false” in the dropdown menu. So we exclude the events where it was raise less then 3bb and there was no All-in. It’s possible if Hobby Player has less then 3bb in his stack.

Let’s save our filter. Press button like on the picture.

Let’s give it a name and press “OK”. Also, press “OK” in “Filters” window.

Now we see only the hands where our filter works. In the bottom side of the screen you can consider each hand.

If you want to clear all filters, you have to press “Clear Filters”

For import filters use button like on the picture.

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