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Holdem Manager Reports Tab

I think it’s the most useful tab in Holdem Manager 2. Here it would be able to set up any reports about your game or about the game of your opponents.

On the top panel there is the button “More Reports”. If you’ll press on it you could see all available reports в Holdem Manager 2. Choose needful Report and just click on it and it would add in main part of the window.

All available Reports look like this:

In the box below there is a section where we can see specific hands according to chosen parameters.

Let’s begin from the main Reports, in the example Cash Games

“By Stakes” Tab

Here our hands are sorted so it’ll be comfortable to analyze deals on played limits. On the picture you can see that it is possible to grade hands on Type, Total Hands, New Won, EV adjusted VPIP PFR 3Bet, etc. And if a specific line will be select, in the bellow part there will be available hands just played on this Game Type. Also we can add supplementary Columns in the main part of the screen. To do so press Stats pictured bellow.

The window where it is possible to add and to remove statistics, will be opened.

In the left part of the screen there is statistics, which is used us in this Re-port. In the right part is available all statistics, which is in Holdem Manager 2 (in the center bellow it is shown the general quantity of the available statistics). There are also stats made us manually in NoteCaddy. In the central part of the screen there are situated the groups of stats to be usable to find stats manually. In the upper right angle there is “searching” for the most convenience. For removal unnecessary stats it is need to select this stat and press the button “to the right”. For addition stats it is need to select theirs in the right column and to press the button “to the left”.

Down bellow there is the button “Default Stats” to kick off our settings. After rectifications it is necessary to press “OK”, otherwise our settings will not be saved. For example, I added “$ EV/ hand” and “$ USD / hand”.

The result is down.

Complementary Columns with Statistics you can add almost on all Reports Tabs. Also it is worth to note that in the bellow part it would be able to select one or some hands and to click the right button of the mouse on any line and to see this window.

It would be able to open hand in Replayer and to open all selected hands in it. “View” opens hand in the short format as well as in the game at the table. With the help of “Mark” it would be able to notice the deal by special way, as “Bad Beat”, “Bluffs”, “For Review”, “Suckouts” and to add you own tag.

Let’s go through other Reports. On “Cash Results Graph” you can see beautiful graphics which it would be able to make in the bellow left part of the screen.

“Overall” shows all hands in one string.

On the tab “Sessions” hands will be displayed according to the sessions. Here it would be able to analyze in what days or in what hours your game is the best and in what – the worse.

That tab “Session by Day” is useful for analyze the game by day.

Now let’s add the double tabs. All of them we will not view, but you can experiment and find what is better precisely for you.

The tab “VsPlayers” will allow us to analyze the game against opponents, whom we do a bunk the most, whom – the less. It is suited to analyze the game against Regurals, because we need large data retrieval for any conclusions. It is possible it seems that opponent is weak but really we do a bunk to him.

The tab “Stack Size” allows you to understand in what stakes you win more, in what – less. It is actual if you are playing on the strategy MSS or are staying at the table with very Deep Stack according to strategy BSS.

Do experiment and poker will open for you from the new side!

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