HUD (heads-up display)

HUD (heads-up display)

In this section, we will create your own HUD.

To do so press “HUD Settings” on the top panel.

Examine all sections in the pop-up window. In “HUD Designer” you can add and remove HUDs.

Let’s make own HUD. To do so press “New” and put your HUD name, we will receive the following:

Import and Export buttons don’t require explanations. “Import 1.0” allows to import HUDs from old Holdem Manager 1. You can use it if you want to start to use Holdem Manager 2, but you don’t want to waste time on the customization. On the left side you can see stats displayed on the poker table. If you want to remove something you have to select stat and press button “right”. If you want to add new stat you have to select stats in the right side and press button “left”.

You can use “New Line” and “New Panel” buttons for comfortable sorting stats in you HUD. Panel differs from Line by one feature, it allows you to move your HUD panel separately from any player HUD block, if you need it.

Let’s add few stats and go further. In our example I added several stats from “PFR” section.

In “Stat Appearance” you can customize color schemes for each stat, for example, “EP RFP” can be green if PFR value is between 0 and 10, grey – between 10 and 20, and red – between 30 and infinity, or vice versa. I left as it is, I like when stats don’t change his colors in the game. Also, here you can customize Abbreviation, Decimals, Min Samples, Popup for each stat, font and Dispalay for Hero and for Opponents.

In the “General Settings” you can tune many different parameters. Usually, I increase only opacity slider value. Also you can change “Display time” for Mucked Cards.

“Site Options”. In this section you can set up for what type of game, poker-rooms and limits the HUD are used. If you have only one HUD, select “ANY” in all dropdown menus, press big white button and choose you new HUD. Below you can set up “Live Tracking”, which can grab your played hands street by street.

In “Popup Designer” you can design POPUPs for you HUDs. There is available all Holdem Manager 2 stats too, including NoteCaddy stats. Design POPUPs is based on table design. From the very beginning of the using of Holdem Manager 2, I recommend to use only standards POPUPs, because POPUPs creation is laborious process.

“Chart Designer” is designed for customize you HUD as Bars.

“Main Popup / Table HUD”. In this section you can tune your Tabs in POPUPs. It’s useful, but be careful, if you add too much Tabs, it can lead to a long time opening your POPUPs in the game.

“NoteCaddy Popups” is designed for NoteCaddy Popups.

In “HUD Filters” you can set up how your HUD will be work. Usually the number of the players changes at the table, therefore I use Default scheme. It allows me to have an idea about how a new Hobby Player will play on this table, when I have a small amount of hands on this players. But you can use another “Recommended Settings”, if you think this is more convenient. How it will be look like you can see on the pictures below.

Also you can set up how old hands you want to display or how many last hands you want to display. Also you can chose how to display hands from others limits, together or separately. Obviously, players can play in different ways on different limits.

“Tournament Filters” is very similar with previous “HUD Filters”, but it is used for tournaments. Here you can also choose between “Default” and “Recommended” Settings.

“HotKeys”, In this section you can on/off HotKeys the using for comfort. With hotkeys, you can use features such as, mark the current hand as “For Review” or another type, the coping hand history on Clipboard and others.

To save our settings you need to press “OK”. To check our HUD let’s open some hand in hand Replayer. It will be look something like this:

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