Opponents Tab

Opponents Tab

This tab is the best place for analyze the opponent game. Here you can quickly understand you opponent advantages and disadvantages, where he loses money and how he plays on each position of the table.

If you press “Summaries” button on the top panel you will be moved to another window, in which are displayed stats of every player in the easy table. Here you can click on your opponent name and see the graphics on his stats, how they are related with all others players stats. In the left side on the screen you can see Notes for selected player.

On the top panel “Players Analysis” button opens the section with the following tabs: “Player Summary for ‘Your Opponent Name'”, “Line Analysis for ‘Your Opponent Name'”, “Stat Analysis and Notes for ‘Your Opponent Name'”, “Hands for ‘Your Opponent Name'”. For example I chose myself as an “Opponent”. To do so I chose our Alias name in the “Target” button.

On “Player Summary for ‘Your Opponent Name'” tab we can see basic information like Hands, Net Won and others, and infographics for each limit played by opponent, where he loses, where he wins. On the bottom section you can see graphically presented opponent stats vs all players, left side is clickable. Below there are located Flop Stats, Turn Stats and River Stats.

Because this stats require big amount of samples, I recommend you use this tab for analyze Regular Players only. It’s the best place for find his leaks.

“Line Analysis for ‘Your Opponent Name'” is useful for filtration of opponents’ hands by position, by Flop Board Texture and Preflop Line. Customizing Flop Board Texture you can rate, for example, opponent style when he is out of position on Ace High board. In the bottom side you can see useful infographics, which shows what opponent has in this situation and how often. In the left side you can see specific hands.

On “Stat Analysis and Notes for ‘Your Opponent Name'” tab you can get even more visual representation of opponents stats by Game Type in the dropdown menu relative to other players, but I think this tab is excessive and I don’t use it.

On the last tab “Hands for ‘Your Opponent Name'” you can sort you opponent hands with dropdown menu by Hand Type.

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