Tournament Section

Tournament Section

The top panel for “Tournament” section is similar to “Cash” section with the one exception. “Cash” section has “Manage Tags” and “Filter for Tag”.

The first button is used to customize the tournaments types. There are already almost all tournaments from all large poker-rooms. If you play in tournament in small poker-room which is not yet in the Holdem Manager 2 database, you can add this tournament in the pop-up window by pressing ‘+’.

In the opened window it is need to put “Tag Name” and tag from which you want to make a new tag. Press “OK”.

Now, in the right side we can tune our tag. You have to define “Poker Site”, “Total buy-in”, “Rake” and other our tournament features. In “Payouts” you have to input the tournament payouts structure. Press OK”.

Now we can filter our tournaments with “Filter for Tag” button.

Let’s move to tabs review. If you read article about “Reports” Section, it’s similar.

“Overall” tab shows all played hands. Here I got the little downstreak.

On “Tournaments Results”, you can filter tournaments by Buy-in and under-stand which tournaments are played well, which not.

“Tournaments Stats” Tab is suitable for SnG tournaments, here you can look on your ROI%, ITM%, $/hour, as well as how often you place on the 1st, the 2nd, the 3rd places. Maybe you are good in 9 players SnG, but maybe you have some problems in Heads-Up, it can greatly influence at your results.

“Tournament Winnings Graph” is not very useful, but you can customize it in bottom left angle.

“Tournaments” Tab is very good for sorting your tournaments by date.

For more chards press “Graph” button

For more standards reports you can you “More Reports” button

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